Story Hour

From 9:00


Crowns, scepters and thrones. Stories so regal, so royally entertaining. Crafts and snacks make for a royal treat.

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The Art of Fishing: Exhibit Opening Reception

From 3:00 pm

Join us as we celebrate the opening of this summer's art exhibit showcasing the art of island fishermen. There are lobsters and then there are other catches of the day: an awe-inspiring sunrise, a sea-smoke shrouded harbor, ducks happily surfing along the shore. Photographs will be on view all summer.

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Globe T-Readers Book Club

From 9:00 am

Globe Trotters we aren’t, but we are ready to"T-read" around the world and beyond! This book group is for older children who have aged out of story hour and who are ready to read longer stories and books about animals, people and places that are far from 64 Main Street. Snacks,crafts and maps are part of the fun for those who want to be adventurous “Globe T-readers.”  

This month, as we prepare to "Book a Trip" with summer reading, we will fly away, migrating with butterflies.

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Summer Reading Begins...Book a trip today!

Book a trip! Get a ticket to adventure when you join the summer reading program at the library. It's as easy as 1-2- 3.

1. Read what you want at your pace.  2. Write the titles in your passport. 3. Bring the passport to the library and get a free ice cream for every 5 books read (or for every 20 minutes if you are reading long chapter books). And,  for every book read, you will get entered in the end-of-summer raffle drawing for great prizes.

We will celebrate summer reading with a party on August 4, at 10 AM in the park! Games, snacks, and entertainment by juggler Michael Menes. Book your trip today.

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