Urban Herb Walk


From 11:00 am until 12:30 pm

Brighid Doherty, an herbalist of the Wise Woman Tradition, will lead an urban herb walk in Stonington.  The walk will start and end at the library. Brighid will highlight books, manuals and guides that are part of the library’s collection.

Brighid inspires self-reliant health care by bringing herbal medicine back home to the kitchen and garden through workshops and retreats. A resident of Deer Isle, Brighid is a passionate herbal health educator and a professional gardener. She began her connection with herbs while playing in her mother’s gardens as a child. For the past two decades, Brighid has worked with medicinal plants in a variety of ways—as a student and a teacher, a gardener and a forager, a medicine maker and health consultant.  She received a BA focused in Organic Agriculture and Herbal Medicine from Evergreen State College.


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