Squaring Off: Crossword Tips to Solve Like a Pro


Zoom Event: Crossword Tutorial

From 6.00 pm until 7.00 pm

Do you find yourself staring blankly at crossword puzzles? (Pun intended.) Do they leave you feeling clueless? (Again, pun intended.) Learn how to identify clue types and common misdirections for a more ful-FILLING experience. (No more puns, I promise.)

You, too, can tackle the New York Times crossword and other puzzles with hints and tips from the new library director. Chris is a self-admitted word puzzle addict, and he’s eager to share his strategies with enthusiasts at all levels. Plus, where to find free crosswords from bite-sized (5 x 5) to Sunday-sized (21 x 21). Register below, or contact the library at 367-5926 or librarian@stoningtonlibrary.org for event details.

Free tip : Solve with pencil. Ink is permanent. No tutorial can change that.


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