Kimberly Ridley: Inciting Wonder


SPL Seaside Series: weekly open-air events in Small Cove Park every Wednesday in July and August

From 12.00 pm until 1.00 pm

An Invitation to Wonder: Program and Book Signing

Nature writer Kimberly Ridley will share wonders from her new book Wild Design: Nature’s Architects, and her award-winning books for children, to inspire people of all ages to see the world around us with new eyes. From bird’s nests and seashells to underground networks that shape the grand design of forests, Ridley will discuss stunning forms created by animals, plants, and other organisms — and what we can learn from them. Discover how to transform a walk through the forest, along the shore, or even down the street into an adventure of discovery. A book signing will follow. 

Maine native Kimberly Ridley is a science writer, essayist, and author of nature books for adults and children including the award-winning The Secret Pool, The Secret Bay, and Extreme Survivors: Animals That Time Forgot. The Secret Stream, her newest book, will be published by Tilbury House Publishers in October. Kimberly lives in Brooklin, Maine, with the painter Tom Curry and their cat Andy, who is named after E.B. White.

SPL's Seaside Series is free and open to all. We encourage participants to bring their own seating—a camp chair or even just a blanket—plus enough sunscreen and bug spray to keep them happy. The rain date for Inciting Wonder is Thursday, July 14 from 12-1pm in Small Cove Park. 

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