Grafting Apple Trees


Hands-on experience grafting your own apple tree!

From 12.00 pm until 2.30 pm

Grafting is the ancient art of propagating known varieties or newly selected ones. This workshop will teach participants the basics of whip and tongue grafting as well as other methods with both a short lecture and then hands-on experience. Participants will learn how to graft and be able to take a few trees home with them. Scionwood for rare, local apples will be available as well as a range of heirloom varieties. The purpose of the workshop is to develop local ability to preserve old varieties for future generations, and some of the scionwood collected locally and available for grafting is among the rarest of the rare. Join the effort to preserve local varieties by learning this critical skill. Co-hosted by Island Heritage Trust.

The workshop will be led by Todd Little-Siebold, and he will be assisted by Anneli Carter-Sundqvist. Todd is a professor of history  at College of the Atlantic, and he serves on the MOFGA board of directors. He is involved in the Maine Heritage Orchard in Unity, and he works closely with John Bunker to track down, identify, and preserve local heirloom varieties.

Space is limited to 15 attendees, and registration is required. The library requests a $30 donation to help cover the cost of materials, including a $25 grafting knife and grafted trees to take home. Please contact Chris Ross at the library, 367-5926 or, with any concerns regarding the cost or, if registration is full, to be placed on the waitlist.

Attendees will need to show proof of their up-to-date covid-19 vaccination, including a booster. Facemasks will also be required to ensure everyone's safety while working in close proximity indoors.

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