SPL Labor Day Raffle Drawing

Join our live raffle drawing hosted by Jimmy Cook, retired UPS driver, on Monday, September 5 at 11am EDT from the porch of the Stonington Public Library. You do not have to attend the live drawing to be eligible to win. Winning ticket numbers will be posted on our website, in our email newsletter (subscribe), and on our bulletin board. Winners are responsible for claiming their prize(s) with proof of purchase.

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Susan Hand Shetterly

Stonington Public Library and Island Heritage Trust are thrilled to co-host an open-air reading and book signing with celebrated Maine author Susan Hand Shetterly, Saturday, October 1 from 2-3pm on the IHT lawn, 420 Sunset Road, Deer Isle. In case of inclement weather, the event will move indoors to the IHT barn. No registration required. Blue Hill Books will have a selection of Susan’s titles available for purchase.

In her new book of essays, Notes on the Landscape of Home, Susan explores what it is to live in a Down East coastal town and to pay attention, over time, to what it offers of land, water, wildlife, and neighbors. She takes her cue from Henry David Thoreau and Wendell Berry, who advocate for the virtues of staying in one place, believing that as we delve deeper into the landscape of home, we learn to read the world.

For two and a half years, Susan wrote short essays for Down East Magazine. She’s expanded some of them and revisited the subjects of others originally published in Yankee Magazine and The Sun. She includes them along with new essays written in the time of Covid. Together, they build on a sense of place and community.

As in many places, this particular one is in trouble. Susan celebrates the work of communities to restore and protect environments their people know and love, and takes a look at what is changing and what has been lost. Among her subjects are the reestablishment of the bald eagle population in Maine, the reintroduction of the American turkey, and the turkey vulture’s northward trend.

She also writes about shorebird migrations, the bluefin tuna and the humpback and right whales in the Gulf of Maine, counting alewives along a stream in her town in the spring, seaweed cultivation in a bay, a forest’s rebirth, the island that gave her the imaginative space she needed, and more. She recounts how she and her neighbors kept each other company at a distance during the long months of Covid, and she celebrates coastal culture—its particular, deep history that anchors a person’s sense of place.

MAINE SPEAKS with Namory Keita

Join us for an interactive introduction to the drums of West Africa with Namory Keita, a Master Drummer from Sangbarala, Guinea, West Africa. Keita is a cultural ambassador wishing to share his culture and, in doing so, build bridges of understanding and acceptance through engaging audiences in the musical forms of the Humana region in West Africa.

MAINE SPEAKS supports individuals and organizations to bring people in their community together to learn from a gifted speaker who shares their expertise and lived experience in engaging ways.

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Night Sky Tour

Gather at Mariners Park, Sunshine Road, from 7:30-8:00pm. Program will be begin at 8:15pm. No registration required.

Night Sky Tours are star parties without telescopes. John will lead the group through a tour of the constellations and stars visible that evening. We will also find and discuss any visible planets, the Milky Way, as well as meteors (shooting stars) and satellites. The presentation will include a bit of sky-lore storytelling and ample time for questions and discussion.

After the primary presentation is done John offers to lead the group on a star-hopping binocular exploration for all those who bring their own binoculars along. Participants will learn how to “star hop” as a way of finding those hidden gems among the stars. Participants may see planets, binary stars, nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies, as well as the Milky Way up close and personal! Bring your  flashlights (we will cover white lights with red cellophane) and binoculars!

Co-hosted by Island Heritage Trust and Evergreen Garden Club. 

Mariners Park, Sunshine Road (first right), Deer Isle

Exploring Hidden Histories: Apples, DNA, and the Search for Answers

Combining genomic profiling with traditional archival research into the history of apples in Maine potentially will answer questions about the earliest introductions of European fruit in North America.  The “missing links” between the European varieties may very well be found in Maine using a combination of research tools that combine the traditional strengths of historical research with new genomic information to answer previously unanswerable questions.  The Maine Heritage Orchard team has now done genomic profiles of over 300 trees from around Maine, and this talk will highlight some of the mysteries that have been solved in the process as well as some new ones that have emerged.

The presentation will be given by Todd Little-Siebold, Maine Heritage Orchard. He works closely with John Bunker to track down, identify, and preserve local heirloom varieties.

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