Candy Cane Social

Join in the tree lighting on Hagen Dock and then come to the library for the Candy Cane Social.  All part of Stonington’s Holiday Hoopla, the activities start at 4 p.m. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to share the joy of the season with your friends and neighbors!

Baby Rhyme Time

 Join us for Baby Rhyme Time fun–rhythm, rhymes and repetition.  Mix in a few short books just for little ones, and it’s a perfect outing for you and your child. This event is for infants and toddlers. 

Globe T-readers Book Club

Globe Trotters we aren’t, but we are ready to”T-read” around the world and beyond! This book group is for older children who have aged out of story hour and who are ready to read longer stories and books about animals, people and places that are far from 64 Main Street. Snacks,crafts and maps are part of the fun for those who want to be adventurous “Globe T-readers.”  

Tech Tuesday

Need device advice? Have questions about apps? Need to vent your frustrations about technology? Join your friends and neighbors at the library for Tech Tuesday. It’s fun and you learn stuff, too!

Open House

We are open again and are celebrating! Join us for an open house with food, drink, door prizes and a chance to see our new improved space. Bring something for the time capsule and enjoy gathering with your friends and neighbors at the library. 

Story Hour

The saws, drills and hammers are quiet now. But, the past month has seen a lot of building activity at the library. Join us for a special “construction” story hour. See what has changed and imagine how you would build a house, a library, or whatever you want.  Help us celebrate the library’s reopening. Of course, crafts and snacks are part of the fun!