Closed Today: Friday, January 7

SPL is closed today and will reopen tomorrow, Saturday, January 8, 10am to 12pm. It’s a great day to grab a book you have at home and curl up on the sofa. Or stay snuggled up in bed. Everyone keep safe and don’t venture out on the roads unless you have to.

No Phone Service

SPL is without phone service for a few days. We apologize for the inconvenience, but you can always reach us at or on Facebook Messenger. We’re still open tomorrow and Friday, December 30 and 31, and then we’re closed for New Year’s Day and back on Tuesday, January 4.

Thank you for understanding!

Christmas Day Story Hour

Merry Christmas! Chris reads a special Maine Christmas story, The Finest Christmas Tree by Maine illustrator and author John and Ann Hassett. See you again in 2022!

Holiday Story Hour #3

Chris is back with another read-aloud video. This week Chris picked a new picture book: Merry Christmas, Gus by Chris Chatterton. Only one more week till Christmas!

SPL Note Card Set

Have you been naughty or nice in 2021? If you’ve been (mostly) nice, chances are you’re gonna need a way to say, “Thank you!” Get a set of Stonington Public Library note cards for $18 plus shipping. Each set includes 10 blank cards (4.25″ x 5.5″) and 10 envelopes.

Don’t need shipping? Come in during library hours to get yours.