All Things Teens

The Stonington Public Library welcomes young people ages 13-19 to use the gaming system in the Gaming Room. The library offers this program to make the library enticing to teens, to encourage them to visit the library and to develop a love of books, reading and libraries.

Games to Play

FIFA 15 brings soccer to life in stunning detail so you can experience the emotion of the sport like never before.
Forza 5
This is one of the best racing experiences you can have in a video game. Grab some buddies and race any track, from Mazda Race Way to LeMans.
Just Dance
The name says it all! Dance to your favorite pop songs and have fun doing it.
Lego Hobbit
Play through the Hobbit story as Legos!
Lego Jurassic Park
Play through all four of the amazing Jurassic park movies in the Lego universe.
Lego Movie Game
Play as the hero from the movie and build creations to save the world.
Madden NFL 15
Play as your favorite football teams and dominate the sport. Or, create your own character and become the next football superstar!
Minecraft is an open world sandbox game. From mining deep underground to building the tallest skyscraper, you can do whatever your heart desires.
NBA 2015
Play as your favorite basketball teams and dominate the court. Or, create your own player and become the next Michael Jordan or Larry Bird.
Plants vs. Zombis: Garden Warfare
Project Cars
Much like Forza, you won’t have a better driving experience. However, this game goes more in depth with the career of racing. Start in go-carts and work your way up to Formula 1.
Like Minecraft, but in 2D, and with hundreds of more resources and things to do!