Saturday, December 31: Deer Isle Circle Christmas Bird Count

Feeder Watcher Instructions

Contribute to citizen science from the comfort of your home!

Photo by Gary Fultz on Unsplash

Hello Feeder Watchers! Please keep track of the total amount of time over the day spent watching for birds, and count the maximum number of each species that you see and hear AT ONE TIME.

Tally the results and include the information below in your submission. To tally your sightings use this method: if you see 4 chickadees and hear another one at the same time, record 5. If you later see six chickadees, replace your earlier tally with 6. If you see two later, don’t add anything to your list.

Please also keep an eye out for “count week birds,” birds which are not seen in the count circle on count day but are seen 3 days prior or 3 days after the count. If you see something unusual during that time please report it! It could be included in our total number of species for the count.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you walk further than a tenth of a mile away from your feeder area to continue counting, please send a separate submission from your feeder results, including the distance you walked and the amount of time you spent. It is important to separate the counts to help ensure we don’t have someone else trying to count the same area.

Please email your results in the format below to Ken Crowell at

* total length of time you counted – hours/minutes or decimal hours

* all the birds you saw or heard within your time frame

* your name



*email address

Thank you very much for your participation! You are helping to make our Christmas Bird count a success and we really appreciate it!