Mad About Books

Not mad about March Madness? Tune into the Tournament of Books at the Morning News, instead. Every March the Morning News assembles an A-team of judges to read, review, and decide on the year’s best novel. A competition, yes. But really an excuse to talk about great novels.

The 2021 tournaments kicks off on March 8 and features head-to-head battles each weekday decided by one of the judges. When only two titles remain, all judges return for the championship round, and the novel with the most votes emerges victorious. The winner takes home the Rooster. (Apparently, no winner has accepted the offer of an actual live rooster.)

Get this year’s bracket and more about this year’s novels and judges. You can also read more about how the tournament works.

Request any tournament novel at or 367-5926. We have several titles on our shelves and can obtain other by inter-library loan.